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How ReallocateRight™ Works

Every 5 weeks Reallocation Strategies will email you the ReallocateRight™ Action Report for your chosen collection of mutual or exchange traded funds. The Action Report prompts your review and, if necessary, a reallocation of your funds, empowering you to take active control over your account.

Our straightforward process takes less than 10 minutes to complete. Once you receive the Action Report, follow the instructions provided in the Reallocation Process Document to rebalance your account using your existing account's website.

Each Action Report includes (see sample below):

  1. Your Investment Choices. For employer retirement plans, the Action Report will list all the current choices in your plan. For mutual fund and ETF portfolios the list will consist of the alternatives preselected by Compass Investors as part of a well-balanced and well-diversified collection.

  2. The Score. A relative performance measurement of the choice compared to the other choices. Positive values indicate growth while negative values indicate decline. Click to see how ReallocateRight determines the Score.

  3. ReallocateRightâ„¢ Model Portfolio Allocation. The ideal percentage of your total portfolio that should be invested in each choice based on the Score. The Model Portfolio will never include choices that have a negative Score. Click to see how ReallocateRight determines the Model Portfolio Allocation.

  4. Fund Restrictions. If applicable, mutual fund holding period and/or repurchase restrictions. Compass Investors provides a Reallocation Worksheet to help you work around these penalties and restrictions.

REMEMBER: You are always in control of your investment decisions. Whether or not you make any changes when you receive our Action Report, our research proves a regular cycle of active review leads to far superior results over the long term.

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